Quality Assurance
We apply the highest standards of testing to your project. We are QA Analysts who love what we do and take pride in helping you submit the best possible product. When it comes to black box testing, there’s little we don’t do.

Smoke Testing

A quick check of all major features to ensure the build is stable and ready for further testing.

Ad-Hoc/Exploratory Testing

Complement a test plan by going off-script and discovering bugs through creative (and structured) experimentation. Typically, this is where most bugs are found.


Ads, in-app purchases, and special events all generate revenue in your product. We run a battery of tests to make sure transactions are handled gracefully.

Virtual Reality

Continuing our tradition of pioneering work with cutting edge technology, we are leading the charge in providing Virtual Reality QA Services for games and applications in multiple vertical markets.

Device Compatibility

Smoke testing core functionality and compliance guidelines on a broad host of real mobile devices and operating systems.

Compliance Testing

Will your application or game live up to the submission standards? In addition to using the latest first-party guidelines, Sculpin has created a robust technical requirements checklist (TRC) based on hundreds of successfully shipped products. We are set up for all major mobile and console platforms and have developed our own in-house checklist to ensure success.